Scope of Works

Treatment will be carried out on 2 visits over a period of 7 days interval. Residual Spraying will be applied directly to the skirting area, bed frame and other crack and crevices found in the premises. We will also open up the mattress and apply the residual spray on it and other area where bed bugs infestation is present. We will then release an Aerosal base Gas to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment. The gas used is highly toxic and to maximize the use of the method, the premises treated are usually sealed up to avoid loss by draft out of the window or other openings. Such treatment requires that the premises be vacated about 4-5 hours after the treatment and proper ventilation before re-occupied. Please ensure that all food items (if any) are kept away in an air tight container and all utensils should be washed immediately after the treatment to prevent any accidental intoxication.

A repeat treatment will be carried out 7 days later & we will provide a FREE Retreatment should the bedbugs resurfaced within 7 days from the 2nd treatment


We also provide a comprehensive pest inspection with detailed report on the property prior to a real estate sale. This report will give peace of mind to the proposed buyer on the current situation of any Termites infestation.


General Overview of Different Types of Treatment Options If left untreated, termites can cause immense damage to your home. These wood-boring pests thrive deep within your home and foundation, slowly eating away at its core, unnoticed. Ongoing prevention is your best bet when it comes to termites because most homeowner insurance plans won’t cover termite damage.

Types of Termite Treatments


We will submit our service report to facilitate to our customers’ requirement by fostering and better understanding of our treatment, maintaining a pest free, clean and orderly environment. Effective pest management will include recommendation, good housekeeping, proper storage practices and pest exclusion measures. We will not be responsible to the cost of replacing any structure and fitting damage by subterranean termite or other pest.

We will also indicate the treated areas, highlight the infestations & to be signed by the person in-charge of the establishment as to avoid subsequent disagreements. All pesticide used are neither toxic nor hazardous to the occupancy of the buildings or goods and is approved by the National Environment Agency.