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Termite Treatment

There are three main groups of termites that can affect your home subterranean, drywood, and dampwood termites.

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Pest Inspection

Pest control work, such as the control of rodents, mosquitoes and other arthropod pests with medical importance is carried out by Pest Control.

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Bedbugs Elimination

Treatment will be carried out on 2 visits over a period of 7 days interval. Residual Spraying will be applied directly to the skirting area

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Cockroaches are very hard to get rid of. In fact, many residents think that once they don’t see any in a few days, they are gone.


We will provide an inspection and treat the area to make sure they don’t bother you and your family.


Common Ants

Ants often break off into satellite colonies, We Ensure that you have targeted the colony where the queen is located.


Where Bees choose to live is beyond our control. However, you can assume that if bees have been to your home before, then your home will be more prone to a future infestation.

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