Have any questions regarding pest control? We’ve compiled this list of common frequently asked questions that we hope can answer your questions. Still not answered? Contact us at 6891 3133 and we will be happy to answer your question!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the types of services that we offer?
  • Bed bugs elimination treatment
  • Real Estate Inspection
  • Termite treatments which includes :
    -Wood Treatment for Existing and  New Build in Cabinet and Parquet Flooring
    -Soil Treatment

    -Corrective Treatment
  • Service reports
    2. Where does bedbugs hide in my house ?

There are various spots where bed bugs tend to usually hide that is far away from human sight.

These spots include:

  • Couch
  • Mattresses
  • Box Spring
  • Bed Frame
  • Walls/Ceilings
      3. What should I do if i find termites?

Firstly, do not touch or spray any insecticide on that area but instead call a professional immediately.

    4. What are the potential health issues that can             be caused by bed bugs?

Bed bugs can cause a variety of health issues which include:

  • Allergic reactions. Some people might have mild to extreme reactions to getting bitten by a bed bug. Bed bugs are not considered to be dangerous but an allergic reaction to multiple bites may require the attention of a doctor.
  • While the bites may not be painful, they can cause irritation especially during the night which causes u to wake up in the middle of the night and scratch the itchy spots which leads to lack of sleep which can link to other health issues such as depression,anxiety and loss of appetite.
  • A household infestated with bed bugs can lead to to stress due to the destructive damage that can occur to household items like mattresses, knowing that the number of beg bugs keep growing larger and larger.

         5. How can I prevent a pest infestation?

  • Inspect your household for cracks or holes in walls, or in the ceiling. If you find any, seal them as soon as possible to prevent termites,roaches and rodents.
  • Beetles and termites are attracted to wood, so remove any scrap wood inside or outside your household.
  • Fix any leaking pipes and faucets. Standing water can attract different types of pests such as mosquitoes.
  • Keep your home free from clutter. Most pests tend to hide in dark areas so the more you have, the more homes they can choose from.

   6.There is a beehive in my household. What
       do i do?

  • Follow these safety tips:

      1)Run away as fast as you can.

     2)Try not to kill any – not even one – because a dying bee sends a chemical alarm to    
         other bees to defend themselves.

     3)Seek refuge in your room,and shut all windows and doors.

     4)Do not try to swat them away.

     5)Contact us.


   7.Should I remove a wasp nest myself?

Removing a wasp’s nest is a dangerous process and should be treated with professional help. To avoid getting stung by them, we advise you not to try and remove it on your own. Instead, contact us for immediate assistance and advice to avoid a larger infestation. We’re happy to assist you!

     8.Do I have to leave my house while it is being              treated? 

Depends on the situation. Generally, you don’t have to leave the premise unless you are really concerned. Unless it is a major treatment that involves treating a majority of your household, then you are advised to leave the premise while our professionals are treating the situation.