White Ants / Subterranean termite

August 14, 2019
Pre/Post Contruction
August 19, 2019
White ants
Subterranean termites that nest underground and forage in wood structures. Inspection and early detection is very important in the control process to reduce property damages. Termites are serious pest which attack timber buildings and can destroy homes. A survey predicts the probability of a termite infestation of a house is five times more likely than fire.
Scope of Work
Our Team will conduct a thorough inspection throughout the entire premises during every routine. Firstly, termiticidal dusting formulation is normally applied as a spot treatment to active trail and is the current control program meant for your esteem site/premises. Should any ‘live’ activity of subterranean termites be detected, will be immediately treated with termiticidal dust and a follow up service will be added a week later to ascertain the effectiveness of the treatment.

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