Tips to prevent a rat infestation

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Tips to prevent a rat infestation

Rodents carry diseases and also have the ability to damage your household inside out. With their vicious gnawing abilities, they can cause structural destruction on your household properties such as your wires and this can lead to fire hazards. Hantavirus Pulmonory Syndrome is a disease that is carried by rats and can be transmitted when we inhale dusts contaminated with rats’ urine. Learn to protect your home from rodents with these preventive measures.

• Don’t leave your food unattended. Seal food in airtight containers and always dispose garbage regularly.Rats won’t enter
   your home if there is no presence of food for them.

• Remove potential rodent nesting sites from your property such as food sources and hidden areas.

• Inspect your property. If you spot any possible holes and cracks for rats to enter through, don’t
   wait any longer to seal them up. You never know how many rats you are allowing to enter your premises when you put off doing so.

• Remove your pet food or seal them tightly and never let them be left open. If possible, remove them overnight.

• Be clean. Remove any possible clutter in your household as these serves as nesting spots for rats to hide.

Applying preventive rat infestation measures early is important as rats are very cunning animals that are often very difficult
to be dealt with. If you are already facing rat infestation, contact us at 6891 3133 and we will be happy to treat your situation.

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