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August 22, 2019
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Cockroach Gel Bait


Cockroaches Bait are effective in places where cockroaches infestation are high and not conducive for residual spraying.

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Highly attractive and appealing to cockroaches
Odourless and non-staining
Suitable for use in food-handling establishment
Designed for easy and précised application
Remarkably fastest cockroach bait efficacy relatively

Targeted Pest: Cockroaches
Packaging: Tube 35G
For use in: Indoor (kitchen, bathroom, warehouse, food storage area)

Use a clean cloth to clean application area, do not apply in areas where pesticides/ insecticides were used. Remove cap, touch tip to surface and squeeze the tube. Place bait in areas of suspected cockroaches activity or at crack and crevices especially near rubbish bin chute and near floor trap. For best results, apply many spots. Recap the bait after use.

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Delivery Cost: $10


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