Life of a Cockroach

Service Report/Assurance
August 14, 2019
Common Ants Control
August 14, 2019
Cockroaches cannot live in human habitations without the provision of food and water. Obviously, good sanitation is an important factor in reducing available harbourage grounds and depriving them food & water. The American, German & Oriental cockroaches are the common species found. These hiding places can be identified in strategic locations such as:
Cracks and crevices in cupboards, shelves and drawers, · Connecting joints and pipes from sinks, · In corners and cracks of walls, ceilings, door and window frames, · Under the lid and at the bottom of garbage containers. Not only are they a nuisance to our daily lives, these cockroaches may also pose health threats by spreading germs to us. Cockroaches also give off a very strong and oily odour which become extremely pungent when large numbers of cockroaches are present.
Scope of Work
One of the most common signs is the presence of small dark brown oval-shaped casings – Ootheca (eggs). During the routine visit, our Team will carry out insecticide residual spray at harbourage areas. Gel baits to be applied in cracks/crevices. Cockroach baits to be placed at surrounding premises. This method of treatment will not only eradicate all cockroach harbourages but will also create a coat of residue to prevent future cockroach re-infestation. We will open the manhole (if any) and apply a layer of insecticide to deter American Cockroaches from entering the premises thru the gully trap.

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