The Lizard as a Pest !

the lizard as a pest ! The Lizard as a Pest ! Bees 80x80
Bees in HDB? What do you do?
July 22, 2019
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the lizard as a pest ! The Lizard as a Pest ! gecko 780x480

As you can tell by the name this gecko spends most of its time in the house. It is attracted to the house because of the insects that are attracted to the light. It’s a nocturnal gecko but it sometimes stays awake in the day but usually in dark places. This gecko can easily run across ceilings upside down because of its suction pads and tiny hooks on the end of each finger. Geckos living in kitchens can be responsible for transmission of the disease salmonella. To even-up the score, they have proved to be effective predators on numerous insect pests, including mosquitoes and cockroaches, which are also responsible for transmitting disease.
They feed chiefly on insects and all house geckos are oviparous and take no care of the eggs, usually one or two in a clutch, which are however laid in sheltered spots.

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